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Customer Testimonials

5/30/19- Lisa Ge came thru for a brother.
Magikal pain oil is the truth,and that body butter Is clutch got me looking like a glaze donut πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚.  
Nuk Pu Nesew

5/29/18- I received my natural cotton candy deodorant and I LOVE IT!!! I’ll never buy store brand deodorant again. It lasted all day and even when I sweat I smelled like cotton candy. It rubs on so smooth and you don’t have those little balls of deodorant under your arm and it doesn’t mess your shirts up either my new favorite 5 ⭐️s-Roquell B.  FL

5/9/18-Deodorant Review

I have been using consistently for more than 5 days since receiving it.


The deodorant has kept me smelling good even while working around the house and sweating while outside. It goes on smooth. I like the fact that you can see it go on. It is not sticky nor wet. It’s like it’s there but not there.

My skin loves it even after shaving. My skin seemed to feel better after I shaved. This will be my natural deodorant. As I change over to more natural hygiene items this will be a regular addition.

Thank you🌹--K. Mac-Facebook Customer. TX

03/29/18- OMG I SMELL DELICIOUS .. Like If Royal Had a Scent I'd be it πŸ™†πŸΎ.. DUA DUA Lisa Ge! Say YES to the Egyptian Body Wash!!! πŸ‘πŸΎNY-Facebook Customer

05/7/18-The deodorant is working perfectly! My air conditioning went out on Friday and its been sweaty nights and ive been fine.  I love the stick too. Most natural deodorant is in a jar.  M.  Martin TN

3/26/18-My beautiful Sente ✨. You don’t realize how much I love you! My package came in today & it was EVERYTHING IVE EVER WANTED!! I love it so much , it’s just right. That is my all time favorite oil! And to find out it comes in lotion and body’ve forever got a customer. Thank you so much-FB Customer 

2/7/18-We rec'd our pkg. I felt the love you put into putting it together. Love my new babies in their beautiful trinket box. Will be using my soaps today. DUA DUA QUEEN. V. Short

1/28/18-Your products are spiritual eye felt the innerG within ur product... I used all of what u sent in my Oracle sessions and they had an impact.... Eye look forward to the next level of product you'll send. U are royalty-K. Boyd

1/25/18-Cleansing and relaxing!!! This bath just gave me life!!! If only you could smell it thru the phone!!!#lavendar #calendula #epsomsalt#applecidarvinegar #frankincenseessentialoil#bayleaves #crystals #loveoil followed up by Prada Candy Kiss Essence Shea Butter by Lisa Ge

(The love oil and essential oil also from Lisa's Fragrance n Such) #HappyFriday -H. Bradshaw-GA

1/23/18- DUA DUA DUA to Lisa Ge of Lisa’s Fragrance & Such for this OUTSTANDING gift! An array of EGYPTIAN MUSK scented soaps, sugar scrubs, beard oil, liquid black soap & β€œawesome sauce”! Just got out of the shower & I smell & feel AMAZING!! Love you QUEEN!! Dua! #truthheals #myfavoritescent#egyptianmusk π“‹Ήπ“‹Ήπ“‹Ήπ“‹Ήπ“‹Ήπ“‹Ήπ“‹Ήπ“‹Ήπ“‹Ή -J. Milton-NY

9/29/17- Thank you momma this is all your products my beard is getting fuller an even overnight thank you so much I was frustrated an was gonna cut it off.-DMT-GA

9/15/17- Btw Sis your soaps are healing therapy! Phenomenal! So my daughter said "Ma what kind of soap is that I used last nite...eye felt all the negative heaviness that was on me went strait down the drain and had me feeling so light free and clear. I slept like a baby with no unscheduled wake-up" my response "first off y you using my stuff and it's Dragon's blood and you can purchase your own from Lisas Fragrance N Such...but yeah glad it worked for you but hands off"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ eye know this is way off post topic but eye needed to share that!!!β™ΎπŸ’šπŸ˜‰-T. Seck

08/15/17- Her fragrance oils are the best I have ever tried. The ladies go bananas when they smell me, every time :). Thankh you, Lisas Fragrance N' Such-D Young-NY

8/12/17--- The soaps are absolutely great!  M. Martin-TN

7/5/17- Ive been thinking about that pain oil you have back pain in 100%. Facebook customers statements.... I can attest to that!!!!! It honestly works wonders! I have torn rotator cuff and very damaged shoulder but I refuse to have surgery. When I tell u she puts a blessing in this oil!!!!! I've refused surgery for over 5 years just dealing with the daily pains on top of others but I can and will say this oil is wonderful. First thing I've found that actually works and they've tried everything under the sun....H. Bradshaw-GA

6/18/17- Ive used her stuff it smelled so good😍-D. Alfred Jr.-NC

6/18/17- Facts! Lisas Fragrance N Such is the only business I go to (that I trust) for soap, fragrances, etc.-A. Mack lll-FL

6/17/17- Lisa, between you and I. I've tried many hand made bath and body products. For me, you really have the absolute best products. Thank you for truly caring about our health and the condition of our skin. And thank you for your outstanding professionalism-G. Presley-FL

6/17/17- Shalom sis! We love your products-H. Israel-TX

5/12/17-I noticed that my normally dry hair is softer after using the shampoo and conditioner. I still need something to make it more moist and soft after shampooing. The leave in conditioner makes my granddaughter's natural hair look like it has been pressed. I have yet to shampoo her hair. Will let you know later. Thank you. K. Myers-CA

4/20/17-So if you know me, you know shea butter and natural products are my favorite go to products. I've purchased my products from the same vendor since 2007. Today, I tried someone new and I must say, I'm IMPRESSED!!!!!! This shea butter is to die for. The lotion smells so good and is very moisturizing. Haven't tried the other products yet but I will be soon. Thank you Lisas Fragrance N Such. You have a new customer.  K Bryant-FL

3/14/17-Mechelle Walters Lisas Fragrance N Such That's What EYE Thought You Had Advised Me When We Spoke It Seems To Be Working Great and I'm TOTALLY LOVING My Shampoo & Conditioner That You Formulated Just For My Hair Issues. My Issues Subsided After the First USE, WOW!!! SAAAALUUUTE To YOU Queen, Ase' (Customer from Facebook)

3/2/17- Conshonna Harris Yes girl it's coming back that's why I took them out I want the top to come in full before I fully start the locs.. Girl I cry from time to time when I see the growth nobody understands what's it's like to live with something the doctors told you wouldn't come back... But with Lisas Fragrance N Such products and me meditating over my head and asking the universe to give me back what was takin away from me it's coming back. (Customer using our Alopecia oil, mask and Shampoo conditioner designed to assist with stimulation of follicles).

02/11/17- Another update about the eczema balm. Because of things going on here, I neglected to use the balm before bed. Well, two days ago i woke up to blisters on my fingers and palms. And, yes, one busted which leaves a big sore hole. Right away I put some balm on. I used it after each time I washed my hands and the blisters dried up. No more broken ones. So, no more itching and no sores. And, kudos to Lisa's eczema balm. Thanks again.--S. Cox

01/30/17- I got the activated charcoal today! I just used it and my teeth are at least 1-2 shades, just after ONE use! AMAZING stuff!-Eden Z-GA

01/30/17- I received my order last week for my hair care and facial products. First, I would like to say, I love how personal Lisa, makes the order packaging. She knows, I am a Falcons fan and even packaged my order in red and black! I just loved it. That is only the beginning, though, the care that is put into every order is phenomenal. The attention to detail she puts in her products, so it will fit my hair and skin care needs is superb. Lisa, was kind enough to speak with me and took the time to listen to the concerns I had and was able to serve with her products. The packaging of the products is beautiful and I love the directions on the label, along with all the natural elements in every product. The fact that I can obtain amazing results without the harsh chemicals is a bonus! The products smell amazing as well! If you are looking for a small business with big business professionalism and knowledge of their products, then this is the line for you! I will definitely be ordering again soon! Thank you so much Lisa for all your help.-E. Zulker-GA

01/26/17- I've suffer with alopecia for over 10 year's I went to the dermatologist in 2012 the did a sclap biopsy I was told that my hair would never grow back and all the follicles were dead in the top .. I've been using Lisa's alopecia oil and growth oil for a month and 12 days each night I meditate and rub the oil in a counter clockwise and I'm in tears with my results... Thanks to my sister Lisa for being a blessing to my hair coming back..-C Harris- GA

01/20/17- Yvette Parnell- Lisa thanks for making that hair sheen for me as well as the Shea Butter pomade..will be calling with orders.
Rave reviews on that fresh scent from the spray. Love it!!-FL

1/19/17- Lisa I just start using the Locs Grower and love the smell and texture of! It makes my scalp feel so good! Blessings sis! Love it.-G. Barrett-NY

01/18/17- Sandra Cox Ok, need to post this. Been using the eczema balm for a little over a week now. I use a very little amt. before bed and once in a while I may put some on during the day. But, wanted to added to my thoughts on this product which have been positive but, this was the time that told the truth. First of all, it slowed the blister type process waaay down. Now, then, a couple days and it stopped the itching, thus no busted blisters, no sores, no itching. I can honestly say I give this product a 100%. I am only doing this because I like to debunk things as Lisa knows so, I was very picky when I let her know how it worked or IF it worked. Thank you so much Lisa. It works!!!! I think it's been more like 2 weeks though. The progression was slowed to a crawl which is a great thing in my book. Time was consumed by it so getting through it wonderfuly now.-MO

01/12/17-Sandra Cox I would like to add something to my comments on Lisa's essential oils. As I mentioned I have the eczema balm. Mine is on my hands. Now, I do have a script somewhere for this but, it really doesn't handle the job. I should say, mine is on my fingers, not hands. Stops me from wearing rings at times. When the final stage comes my fingers look like they have callus on them, the bottom 1/3 of the finger. Well, Lisa's balm, calmed the itch, so far no blisters or cracking and that callus looking crap is gone. Very pleased with this product. But, I used a dot like the size of a time it was too much so, use sparingly. Thank you Lisa. (Facebook customer on our all natural eczema balm).  MO

01/10/17- Got home and look what was waiting for me!! Thankh you so much Lisas Fragrance N Such!! I'm so excited I'm about to go indulge myself in this wonderful soap right now!! I know you made it with luv!!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜™β€β€πŸ’―(Facebook customer she ordered our all natural Cool water, Lemongrass and Brown Sugar N Fig)-TX

01/10/17-DAMN this "Brown Sugar & Fig" smell good on me. Couldnt wait to use it after my workout today. Damn i smell good. I smell like chokolate & brown sugar. 'preciate the business sista Lisas Fragrance N Such.(A review from a Facebook customer on the Brown Sugar N Fig all natural soap)-GA

01/9/17- I have been using the eczema balm for a few days now and very impressed. I highly recommend it. The Lavender essential oils for stress is amazing. I use it at night and it actually helps a lot. I like the A men pure tonka type men for my husband. Nice clean smell. And, the Love is on type oil woman for me is really nice. Not overbearing. Love Lisa's products. Highly recommend them. (From a facebook customer referring to our all natural eczema balm, lavender essential oil, A Men pure tonka fragrance oil for her hubby and the Love is on fragrance oil for her)-MO

1/6/17- Ok, have been super stressed for a very long time. I got my Lavender essential oil today and have used it once on pressure points. The tension from the head aches just eased up. I have no idea how long it took. It wasn't long at all though. Also, tried once the eczema balm and itch stopped. Have to wait a few times of using but, right now I rate them a 99%.  Customer from facebook- Sandra Cox- MO

12/30/16-Awesome....i love the cotton candy whipped shea...smell so good and last all dayπŸ€—πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘(Facebook customer)

12/20/16- your shampoo is wonderful!! My hair is even more curly since using it. Very light-(From Facebook:  Customer is referring to our all natural unscented shampoo/conditioner w/ Argan oil)  Asaase A. NC

12/19/16-Three looks, each accomplished by using Lisas Fragrance N Such Shampoo/Conditioner and her AMAZING Leave-in conditioner!! Her products smell so good and make detangling cake!

The sister products deliver!! Order you some!!-Neith K  TX

12/18/16- It's nothing like a million dollar smell for half or even a fraction of the price! Much love and respect for lisasfragrancensuch! Fast, quick and reliable service every time!!( Purchased Lacoste Shea Butter Lotion) K- Hodges.  VA

12/16/16-So mini me comes back into the office following her break... "You smell delicious mommy. What oils do you have on?"

Ran down the regimen I'm rocking πŸ’ƒπŸΎ πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎ
Shout out to
Lisas Fragrance N Such yummy hair oil

All handmade natural products!!! My #selfCare Matters πŸ’– Getchu some

12/4/16-Message from our customer from Facebook:  (Magikal Pain Reliever)

For y'all with aches and pains I want to say our sister, Lisas Fragrance N Such has made a really great balm that has a amazing aroma that seems to work with the natural oils and extracts she has cleverly mixed into a very soothing and relaxing pain reliever.
Both Karen and I love it and it's nice to rub on just as a massage type oil for muscle aches.
Thank you so much Lisa! We really enjoy this and it does work so well.
Peace --Bill Bunting OH

11/10/16-Message from our customer from Facebook: (Purchased-Apricot facial scrub and well as body scrub w/ Lavender essential oil)

Hey Lisas Fragrance N Such girllll I'm over here feeling like a new born baby...Good mixture with moisture.. And the smell is beautiful thank you so much... and a Big thanks to Murrabi Queen for the reference that's what real Goddess Love y'all in my southern voiceπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ -Georgia

11/4/16-Message from a customer using our Magikal Pain reliever all natural oil.

This is AMAZING...thank you so have great skills so please keep up the excellent work...bless you -B. Bunting-OH

10/25/16- I love my Pumice foot scrub my Locs Grower ... Lisas Fragrance N Such is the truth .. A island touch indeed ... Love u Mama Lisa Ge.....Linda B  TX

10/11/16- Message: 

Your Black soap is amazing & the shipping process was the fastest I've ever exprienced. Thank you!!(Emailed message received from) LA-Stockton CA

10/9/16- Message:
Great product. Use it everyday replaced my lotion with shea butter(emailed received from) Kelvin G-Lawrenceville GA

10/3/2016- Brenda M Vice I just got my product and I love it. I will definitely be orderinIg more. :) (Copied from facebook).  Customer ordered and Natural deodorant from our website.  

I needed to share this with the FB crew. I am loving this product I just ordered from Lisas Fragrance N Such, the service delivery was on point and the product is wonderful. Great quality. I have not used aluminum poisoned deodorant in years. I used Lavalin which is a great product, and difficult to find locally so I had to buy in bulk.

Now I found this and I couldn't be happier. Do your health a favor and stop using poison under your arms. Smell lovely and protect your health at the same time. Support small business. <3

9/16/2016- I love the products that I've gotten so far, the black soaps, deodorant and body oils are fabulous. I have sensitive skin and can't use many brands but since using these products from Lisa's Fragrance and Such I've had no issues.

Nandi Safiyah ...FL

7/17/16- Sis, I'm in love with my purchase!! You nailed the scents for my King and my scents are amazing. I'm wearing the Jimmy Choo now. Thank you for the extra sample also of the Cotton Candy.  Neith K

7/4/2016-Thank you,my order was received in the 2-3 days stated and was very please with it. the lavender essential oil is the truth. I love most of the oils that this company sells. But have a few preferences. 


7/2/2016-I received my order as you stated 2-3 days..The lavender came just in time to relieve the stress in my life. 

Charletta C. CA

6/6/16-Thank you!  I received the Shea Butter and the texture is the same as it was when I was in Africa....I will get the 25 lbs on my next order.  Donna  KY

5/13/16-Listen! These could not have arrived at any better time. After this day! This essential Lavender Oil will soothe things away. Thank you Lisas Fragrance N Such

Tameka C. Jacksonville, FL

4/25/16-Thank you, thank you!  My cotton candy fragrance oil smells delicious and I get so many compliments.  Bev. O.  GA

4/19/16-I got my lavender essential oil and it is amazing.  Thank you for the free 2 day shipping, my item was received in exactly 2 days as promised.  George D.   OH

4/18/16-Thank you for the great customer service, you don't get that often on the internet especially with small companies.  But your customer service is A 1.  I love my custom made cotton candy and peppermint lotion.  I will order again soon and will recommend your site to my friends and family.  JS.   NYC

4/16/16-Omg!!! I absolutely love this product. I ordered the 100% Shea butter for the entire body and the pumice foot scrub peppermint, let me tell you both of the products are amazing the the foot scrub is great if you want to have your feet to feeling amazingly....and the Shea Butter smells and feels amazing..PS..great for all over your body. thanks again!!!!!   Lavonia G.  FL

4/9/16-Greetings! The oils and body cream are awesome! It's a great idea and it takes the place of these harsh chemical products they sell to consumers. Customer service was excellent!!!! Thank you and much success to your business!  Peace!   Kelvin H.  VA

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