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"Smell the sweetness of Honey"

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Creed Original Santal Type Men Fragrance Oils 8 ml


Original Santal type is a men's oriental fragrance inspired by the royal and spiritual splendor of India. The essence of precious sandalwood trees from India are combined with other elements known for beautiful scent, spiritual strength and calming power.


DISCLAIMER: Lisa's Fragrance N' Such Oils are inspired by the fragrance. Lisa's Fragrance N' Such and its body oils are not affiliated with any of these Marks, brand and its owner in any manner. Our fragrances are formulated body oils with its own characteristic and quality.



Top notes include Indian sandalwood, cinnamon, coriander and fragrant juniper berry types. The middle notes consist of lavender, leaves of the absolute orange tree, rosemary and ginger types. The base is composed of tonka bean and vanilla types. 

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