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Huge Rose Quartz Over 5 LBS


Heart Chakra

Element: Water


Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It can open the heart and bring deeper healing and self-love. Rose quartz had an energy that is calming, peaceful, and reassuring. Holding or meditating with this beautiful pink stone can enhance positive affirmations and carrying it will remind you of your intention. Keeping a rose Quartz at work can keep interactions in a state of harmony. It's a wonderful choice for the bedroom, sacred space, or meditation area.


Rose Quartz is wonderful for the heart and circulatory system. It is useful for soothing burns or blistering. Rose quartz can help with lung/chest issues and may help increase fertility.


Natural rose Quartz has a pale pink color.


This is one of my Must Have stones!


This information is for educational purposes only. Please consult your doctor with any health issues.



Note: I cleanse/clear all my crystals using sound. All crystals have a continuous flow of energy, each one with its own natural frequency. Crystals can be shifted from their natural vibration by exposure to energy at a higher strength than the energy field of Earth. This can happen from powerful emotion, computer EMFs, or something similar. When the crystal vibrates with energy not quite the same as its own natural energy, it is "out of tune" with Earth and doesn't oscillate as well. Rather than charging, they need clearing. I accomplish this with sound waves using a loud chime. Once the crystal is cleared, it recharges itself using its natural attunement with Mother Earth. You can read much more about this process online, but that's the basic explanation of the method I use.


If you would like me to do a short meditation with your stone with a specific intention for you, I'm delighted to do this. Just let me know in the Note to Seller section at check-out. Be sure to describe your intention for me. I will use beautiful music and candles plus a special blessing for your crystal to reinforce your intention.



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