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Benefits of Lapis Lazuli are immense and lot of it has to be with the vibrant colours that are often sold with necklaces and jewellery. There are many gemstones, which are made of various minerals.


Lapis Lazuli consists of various minerals, predominantly of Lazurite. This stone is mainly blue in colour and is readily used in jewellery, stone-set rings and necklaces. Lapis Lazuli has been prized since the olden days as it is highly effective in case of healing and was used in architecture of ancient buildings in Syria and Egypt. Lapis Lazuli possesses an intense blue colour with a little hint of violet. Lower quality Lapis consists of white colour smudges which indicate the presence of calcite which depreciates the value of the stone.


Many benefits can be associated with Lapis Lazuli. The finest rock form can be used as carving for jewellery boxes or may also be used as attractive set pieces for rings and necklace.


Lapis Lazuli rock is considered as a symbolic which represent truth, peace, friendship and spiritual harmony. Lapis is the conventional birthstone for the month of December and is often considered an apt gem as a gift for a seventh or ninth wedding anniversary. In astrology, lapis stands for planetary stone for Capricorn and the Zodiac stone for Libra.


Just like the olden times, Lapis Lazuli still has the purported qualities of spiritual healing and enlightenment.

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