Lisa's Fragrance N' Such
"Smell the sweetness of Honey"

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See and accept your “light” and “shadow” sides.

Find freedom within your most authentic self.

Use logic and intuition to release mental clutter.

Trust yourself and find harmony in group work.

Let Sodalite reveal who you were born to be.


Sodalite has many metaphysical properties. Add them to a medicine bag or grid, place them on an altar, use them in a crystal elixir, fashion them into jewelry or simply carry one in your pocket.


Sodalite is attuned to the Throat (5th) and Third Eye (6th) Chakras and linked to Sagittarius. These stones are perfect for energy healers, Reiki practitioners, Wiccans, and collectors of all sorts.


* This price is for ONE Sodalite, mined in Namibia and tumbled in South Africa.


Sodalite is a mineral with a very high sodium content which occurs in silica-poor igneous rock formations. Crystals are rare, the only known site being Mount Vesuvius in Italy. The rest of the time Sodalite forms in massive slabs of intense blue with grey and white markings. While it's appearance is can be strikingly similar to the precious rock, Lapis Lazuli, in fact the two share little in common geologically speaking.


If you are attracted to Sodalite and want me to choose one for you, here is my promise:

* Your piece will be a visually-pleasing pattern of dark blue, white, grey-black and occasional other colors.

They have a unique shape with soft edges and are all different.

* Stones will be cleansed and smudged with sage before being shipping to you. The purpose of this secondary cleansing is simply to add my own prayer that with this stone in your hand, your life will take a turn for the better!


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