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MINI 4" CANDLES MAGICK (Spell Chime Altar Wicca Ritual) Each


Great for Rituals, Affirmations, Spells, etc.

Approx. 4” Tall and 1/2” in Diameter

Burn time about 2 hours

The candles fit the Candle Clips, Angel Candle Chime holders etc

Never leave burning candles unattended!!

Cranberry Red ~ Love, Passion, Courage (1st Chakra)

Orange ~ Strength, Success, Joy (2nd Chakra)

Yellow ~ Clairvoyance, Communication (3rd Chakra)

Green ~ Healing, Prosperity (4th Chakra)

Blue ~ Meditation, Tranquility (5th Chakra)

Purple ~ Spirituality, Intuition (6th Chakra)

White ~ Purity, Protection (7th Chakra)

Brown ~ Earth, Animals, Grounding

Black ~ Absorb Negative Energy (1st Chakra)

Pink ~ Emotional Love, Harmony (4th Chakra)


Colors vary 

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